Project Description

The True Success Story of Tibor

Tibor worked to as a veteranian when at the age of 42 he suffered severe brain injury in a car accident. Most part of his memory has been deleted and both his visual processing and processing speed has been severely affected. The accident and the rather long but not very effective rehabilitation phase has brought negative changes in his motivation, emotions and frustration tolerance.

Tibor has arrived for assessment in a rather grouchy mood and in the beginning of our conversation it was obvious, he is suffering from depression. Our Gibson-test has revealed severe deficiency in the area of all core cognitive skills. His long term memory was less than 1 percentile, in fact, non-measurable.

By the end of the 120 session long program, his long term memory has grown into the above average range, what he experiences in every day circumstances as well. He never forgets where he left his personal belongings and he remembers where he has to go. He reports about break-through in his emotive regulation and communication abilities: „I can express myself with easiness now. I never get lost anymore! And I do not get upset or angry so easily!” His family is very grateful for the program and his 8 year-old daughter sent us a letter thanking that his dad is able to have conversations with her. His trainer says it is wonderful to see that Tibor is not shy when facing challenges and he is taking even complex and hard tasks with joy!