Project Description

The True Success Story of Glenda

Glenda was 12 when she first entered the doors of the Gem Learning Center. She has been diagnosed with severe learning disability, mainly in the areas of speech development, reading and text comprehension. She formed very short sentences and avoided any communication, since she was very anxious about her difficulties. She was having speech comprehension problems. She had hardships understanding complex instructions. She understood cause and effect relationships with great difficulties, therefore memorizing facts and precise data gathering was not possible.

With the help of the Gibson-test it became obvious why reading and learning was so difficult for her. Her auditory processing was close to the level of an 8 year-old — in other words 4 years lower than her chronological age. Her long term memory and her logic and reasoning abilities were 2 years lower than should be. Two further core cognitive skills – working memory and processing speed – were 1 year lower than the expected.

The above mentioned weak cognitive skills impeded learning processes and resulted in great anxiety and withdrawal. After completing 120 sessions in an intensive 5 week BrainRx training, her cognitive abilities have raised by a mean of 2 years. Her long-term memory has developed to the above-average range! In the area of logic and reasoning she levelled her chronological age (12 years), and her auditory processing elevated by 4 years. In 5 cognitive areas she reached the level of her schoolmates.

This is a letter from her parents:

„We are very grateful for the Gem Learning Center because we have experienced never seen changes in our daughter’s life. It is wonderful to see Glenda even in unexpected situations so well and adequately! She is open, brave to ask help if needed. Her memory got much stronger – now she remembers events and objects. We experience improved concentration even in conversations. Our greatest joy is that though for many years she did not like to communicate, after BrainRx she started to share her experiences with easiness. She loved her trainers very much. Thanks so much Gem Staff!”