Project Description

A True Story of Bence

According to statistics the prevalence of high functioning autism is growing in our society. However, comorbid learning disability and skills for managing social relationships can be greatly and permanently improved, thanks to BrainRx! These facts reveal themselves in the true story of Bence.

Bence was 12 when his parents asked support from the Gem Learning Center whether it is possible to improve his boy’s learning and social skills. Their son has been diagnosed with ASD at the age of 7. Traits of autism appeared in his communication, behaviour, attention and social skills. After delivering the Gibson-test it was obvious, his auditory processing and long term memory has been 5 years below his cronological age. His working memory and logic and reasoning skills have been 2 years below his age. Concentration has been a challenge for him as well.

After finishing the 120 hours program, his cognitive skills have developed by a mean of 2,6 years. His long term memory has reached 14 mental years – so more than 6 years of development has happened. His auditory processing has grown by 5 mental years. His working memory has reached the level of his peers. Bence has experienced dramatic growth! For him the real joy are the changes he experiences in his everyday life: better communication and friendships! His grateful parents shared with us the following story:

„After completing the BrainRx program, we have experienced unprecedented positive changes in our son’s life. Mainly in the areas of social life and communication with peers and adults. Bence have never had any conversations with anyone before. After finishing BrainRx he started to have chats with the hairdresser in a brave tone to our surprise! He has opened up, constantly seeking the reason of events, things and situations. He is a real chatterbox even with us, his parents! Last week he had an hour long conversation with his grandparents. When they finished, he expressed how thankful he is to them for listening to his experiences! He can concentrate much better and follow situations. At his football course all his trainers indicated that he is really paying attention to his fellows. We want to say thanks to the staff of the Gem Learning Center, especially to his cognitive trainer for the devoted work! We are very grateful for this experience which will have an effect till the rest of our lives!”